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Crack of Dawn 8K​​​​


Entry fee $30 REGISTER​

 ​​July 2 0
 ​​ 6:30 A.M. START one mile above Log Haven. 
FINISH at Einsein's in Olympus Hills Shopping Center

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Course Description / Map / Discounts
Packet Pickup - Bus - Parking
Awards - Social Hour
Course Map / Discounts

Entry fee $30

Crack of Dawn 8K

 R u n n e r s  &  S t r o l le r s  Two Divisions,  all are welcome

Awards/Social Hour

When registering you can donate to one of the charities above.  Thank You

Social Hour

two Divisions
,All are welcome

Course Map/Discounts
Course Description / Map / Discounts
Bus - Packets- Parking

 Discounts​​  * No T-shirt, $5 off.    * Running Club Members, $5 off. Code:  club

July 2 0  ​​
6:30 AM start one mile above Log Haven.  Finish at

Olympus Shopping Center

TAKING the Bus to the start


CHECK LIST Crack of Dawn 10K, June 2nd

On race day - you can pick up your bib number at the check in tent at

Olympus Hills Shopping Center by Einsteins Bagels.  Be there by 5:15 AM and
ending at 5:50 AM.

If you signed up for the bus to the start check the attached list to make sure your name is listed - if it's not, and you signed up, please respond to this email ASAP.  The

bus will leave at 5:50 AM.

A quick check list for you as you prepare for next Saturday:

* Give yourself plenty of time to park and use the portable restrooms                       before getting on the bus

 * If being dropped off at the start, be there no later than 6:00 AM. Parking                at the start will NOT be allowed

* Pin your Bib-Chip in the stomach area using the two top pin holes only                 please do not remove the bottom tag with your name on it.

 * At the finish there will be a box to place your chip so we can reduce,                      reuse, and recycle

 * When coming down the canyon, stay on the right hand side of the                        road.  When you get to the turn around on Wasatch Blvd and 3300

   south heading towards the finish,  stay on the east side of  the road
      next to the side walk.

 * Watch for cars at all times - there will not be a hard road closure for                  this event

 * Donations of clothing, socks, hygiene items always welcome for The                         Road Home!

 * Another update will be sent Friday evening! Check your emails!

     See you early Saturday


When registered, an
email will be sent with
packet pickup information
Contact us
Anyone needing assistance, please call Sports-Am at 801-870-4578
[email protected]

What's happening ?

Entry fee
$105 per team

And More :)

Packet pickup Salt Lake running Co.  700 E. 2454 S. 
Nov. 21, 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM.  Nov. 22, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM ONLY.

If you have registered your bib number will be emailed to you.  Give your assigned number to the check in person to receive your packet. If picking up packets for others,  make sure you know their number and T-shirt size. ​If you are from out of town and are not able to pick up your packet they will be at the start.

Contact us

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