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Event Management
2014  Running Events
Biking  Events
Sports-Am is a running, cycling and 
snowshoeing event management
company based in Salt Lake City.

Sports-Am has teamed up with
The Road Home
and we are grateful for the support
participants have given in donating
food, blankets, baby items, towels
and many other items needed at the
The Road Home.

It is our mission that you leave each of our events with a fabulous experience and a smile 
on your face.
If you need help with
any Sports-Am event
contact us.
Sept. 27
2014  Running Events
Biking  Events
Emigration Canyon on the move.
Find out what's going on.
Hidden Peak 
Challenge 6K
MT. Bike Hill Climb
Cold Turkey Run  -   City Creek Bike Sprint  -  Log Haven Run   click on the links below.